Having held senior roles at global hotel companies coupled with their young and dynamic spirit, the executive team at the Firm recognizes that there needs to be a significant change in the way hotel brands are marketed to customers and in the way they are operated.

The traditional model to branding and operations is archaic; market dynamics are dictating the change.

Smartotels has embraced and directed this change by enabling technology, timeless design, a unique service culture and progressive sales and marketing strategies throughout every component of its service delivery chain and customer journey. Smartotels' flagship proprietary brand, FORM Hotel, will allow guests to customize their own hotel experience, ensuring that they only purchase what they value, and nothing that they don't.


FORM Hotel is a pioneering lodging brand that offers business and leisure travelers accessible high-quality hotel fundamentals with the flexibility of add-on service and amenity options in a technologically-advanced, design-forward and sustainable environment.

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HotOIL™ (Hotel Operational Intelligence Layer) is an enterprise application system designed and developed by Smartotels with MKG Group; the advanced middleware tool uses unique operations workflow algorithms to ensure comprehensive data optimization, systems application agility, and workflow management efficiency.



HotOIL™ is an intelligent business workflow system based on the most advanced open-source technologies using the latest version of JavaScript frameworks for front-end interfaces and PHP frameworks for back-end interfaces
HotOIL™ is multi-formatted and has two-way connectors with property systems and other operating systems based on specific Web Service libraries
The system is developed as a scalable architecture leveraging on cloud environment hosting technology
As a critical operating system for users, its high availability application architecture process runs through SAAS operation mode
Several database engines are used to attain the most value from the specific big data engine layer; the system is embedded with unique technologies to maximize database requests
To ensure that the system has the capacity to manage intensive hotel operations, HotOIL™ uses specific real-time I/O management and two-way interfaces between services (including external services)
To manage user requirements, all front-end interfaces are responsive and available on all types of screens and devices
HotOIL™ deals with sensitive data (including guest data), hence all data stored and exchanged through the system are fully secured using complex encryption algorithms

A bespoke hotel experience designed to provide you with everything you value, nothing you don't.

-- Tarek M. Daouk, Founder



Dubai Contracting Company
Exterior + Interior Architects:
Architecture Studio
Technology Architects:
MKG Group


Keys: 143


/ All-day dining lifestyle restaurant
/ Rooftop infinity pool
/ Fully-equipped rooftop gym
/ Specialized design boutique
/ Technology-focused boardroom

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Several properties are in various stages of development, stay tuned!